asthma linked to low vitamin d3

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Children's Health

Low Sun Exposure Linked to Childhood Asthma

Written By: Dr. Jan McBarren, Duke and The Doctor   Print   Email
Published - Jun 10, 2011

According to a study that was led by researchers from Valencia, Spain, the climate where you live may have a bearing on your child’s risk of developing asthma. This study involved over 45,000 children and teens from nine cities in Spain. They chose cities that varied greatly in climatic conditions: some were warm and sunny, and some were cold and wet. Interestingly, the children who lived in the cold, wet climates were noted to have higher rates of asthma than those who lived in warm, sunny climates. Vitamin D plays a role in protection against asthma 90% of our vitamin D comes from exposing our skin to the sun People with asthma usually have lower levels of vitamin D So, the question then becomes: ‘Since prolonged exposure to the sun has been linked with causing skin cancer, how do I make sure that my child is getting just the right amount?’ Well, the researchers recommend 20 to 30 minutes of sun exposure each day, but not during the hours of noon to 4pm since it puts you at greater risk of getting sunburned. The researchers also recommend that people who live in cold, wet climates take supplemental vitamin D to make sure reduce the risk of asthma.