Vitamin D deficiency leads to Osteoporosis

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Bone and Teeth Health

Osteoporosis And Vitamin D-3

Written By: Dr. Jan McBarren, Duke and The Doctor   Print   Email
Published - Feb 20, 2012

Bone fractures occur frequently in the elderly as their bones become fragile and they fall. Hip fractures carry a high mortality rate of 25% meaning, one in 4 adults die as a result of falling and breaking a hip. As a person ages, without supplementation, they lose bone developing Osteopenia and then ultimately extensive bone loss occurs causing holes in the bone termed Osteoporosis.

It has long been observed that Vitamin D-3 is important for bone health but its exact mechanism has remained unclear. A recent Japanese study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation demonstrated one way Vitamin D-3 assists in bone health.

In mice with severe Osteoporosis, they produced high levels of a protein called c-Fos. This protein is necessary for the development of a specific bone cell called osteoclast. These cells caused bone breakdown and resorption, otherwise called bone meltdown. Vitamin D-3 inhibits the production of the protein c-Fos.

It is important to remember that Vitamin D-3 is valuable for bone health but it is not the sole requirement. This study proves its mechanism to retard bone loss but calcium, magnesium and cofactors including boron are required to build and maintain bone health.

Vita Logic Osteo Protect is a superior calcium supplement with two types of calcium for optimum assumption and utilization. In addition, it contains magnesium and other cofactors, including natural Vitamin D-3, that are necessary for calcium metabolism and promoting strong bones and teeth. Osteo Protect by Vita Logic should be taken by both men and women alike and has been documented on bone density studies to actively reverse Osteopenia and Osteoporosis.

Vita Logic Osteo Protect Plus contains all the essential nutrients found in the original Osteo Protect formula plus more. Research has demonstrated the benefits of Vitamin K2 to keep calcium from depositing in the soft tissues of the body and maintain calcification of strong bones. Additional research supports ipriflavone’s role in calcium regulation as well. Osteo Protect Plus by Vita Logic adds Vitamin K2 along with ipriflavone for optimum bone health. It should be noted that Vitamin K1, which occurs in green leafy vegetables, is the one that is contraindicated for people taking blood thinning medications. Vitamin K2 is naturally found in the body and is not contraindicated for patients taking blood thinning medications. Osteo Protect Plus should be taken by anyone with advanced blood disease or those concerned about keeping calcium out of their soft tissues. This includes individuals with heel spurs, kidney stones, breast calcification and hardening of the arteries.

Vita Logic Osteo Protect and Osteo Protect Plus contain several sources of calcium, magnesium and other critical cofactors necessary for promoting good bone health. Clinical studies have demonstrated their ability to reverse Osteopenia (loss of bone mass) and Osteoporosis (holes in the bone). Osteo Protect Plus by Vita Logic contains additional nutrients including Vitamin K2 to assist in preventing calcium deposits in the soft tissues and arteries; this is for men and women over 50 as well as for cases of advanced bone or dental disease.