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Alzheimer Health News

Job Characteristics Linked To Dementia

Written By: American Journal of Epidemiology   Print   Email
Published - Mar 1, 2012

High complexity jobs that primarily involve work with people or things are associated with a reduced risk of developing dementia. A recent study found the risk of dementia may be 34% lower in occupations like teaching that require highly complex interactions with people, as opposed to jobs requiring low levels of people interaction. According to the American Journal of Epidemiology, dementia can be warded off by using your brain more. Maintenance of cognitive reserve by mental stimulation may be an underlying mechanism explaining the relation of higher complexity of work with people and things to lower risk of dementia found in this study.

While it is difficult for a person to change their job, it is always easy to protect our memory. The use it or lose philosophy is important. Neurobics is the practice of exercising the brain and can be done at any age even once dementia has started. It consists of thinking and doing things differently. This includes solving puzzles like Sudoku, doing things with the opposite hand, like eating left handed or counting backwards and more. People who use their brain and exercise their brain tend to experience less memory loss and dementia as they age.