Cholesterol is an important molecule manufactured by the liver.

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Cholesterol Facts

Written By: Dr. Jan McBarren, Duke and The Doctor   Print   Email
Published - Jan 10, 2012

Cholesterol is an important molecule manufactured by the liver. It is the foundation molecule to build hormones including the sex, stress and thyroid hormones. In addition, 25% of cholesterol is found in the brain where it functions as a powerful antioxidant protecting the brain against disease and dementia.

Since the 1960’s, Heart Disease remains the number one killer of Americans. Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) is a major cause of heart attacks and occurs when the coronary arteries become blocked thereby cutting off blood flow to the heart. This blockage is cause by cholesterol plaque. In the late 1970’s Lipitor hit the drug market and remains a blockbuster drug revolutionizing the way medicine is practiced. This drug and others paralyze the liver preventing cholesterol production. Despite this, Heart Disease remains the #1 killer and cholesterol still causes CAD. In addition, with the increase sales of Lipitor there is an increase in sales of libido drugs and dementia.

While drugs like Lipitor may make medical sense, they do not make common sense. Preventing cholesterol from sticking sounds reasonable and is simple. Cholesterol can only stick and become harmful when the “Velcro theory” is applied. First cholesterol must become oxidized and then the artery inflamed; when both cholesterol and the artery are “rough” cholesterol will stick regardless of how high or low the numbers are.

The common sense approach to reducing CAD and Heart Disease is to eat less cholesterol and exercise regularly which supports production of HDL, the type of cholesterol less likely to stick. All animal products contain cholesterol, chicken and beef have identical cholesterol contents ounce per ounce. Also taking antioxidants to reduce cholesterol oxidation coupled with supplements to decrease inflammation seem prudent. This approach to CAD will save lives without loss of sex drive and memory.