Smoking Plus Prostate Cancer Spells Death

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Prostate Health

Deadly - Smoking & Prostate Cancer

Written By: Harvard University Medical Center   Print   Email
Published - Mar 7, 2012

Smoking is a well-recognized, significant cause of Lung Cancer. However research demonstrates smokers who develop Prostate Cancer suffer with more aggressive, advanced tumors and have higher fatality rates than nonsmoking men who develop Prostate Cancer.

Harvard Research found men who were smokers had a 61% higher risk of dying from Prostate Cancer and an equally higher chance of cancer reoccurrence. The study examined over 5300 men with Prostate Cancer. In addition, men who quit smoking 10 years prior to developing Prostate Cancer saw a lower risk of reoccurrence and death.

Prostate is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among men in the U.S. The earlier it is detected and the smaller it is at detection, the greater the survival time and cure rate. However this is not true for men who smoke. Even when detected early or at a favorable size, Prostate Cancer in men who smoke increases the risk of death 80%.

Smoking is arguably the most dangerous lifestyle choice. It is an addiction that is difficult to beat. A smoker will never quit unless motivated. If dying from Lung Cancer is not enough motivation, perhaps Prostate Cancer death may be. Regardless of a present threat of cancer, it is never too late to quit smoking.