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Bone and Teeth Health

Vitamin D Helps Prevent Bone Loss in Men

Written By: Dr. Jan McBarren, Duke and The Doctor   Print   Email
Published - Oct 22, 2011

Researchers at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia concluded increased intake of Vitamin D, calcium and other vitamins and minerals prevented and slowed bone loss in men. The study was published in the medical journal Bone

Numerous studies already support supplementation in women since women are 4 times more likely to develop Osteopenia (less bone) and Osteoporosis (holes in bone) than men. However bone loss in men is equally as serious and can lead to fractures and premature death. The study demonstrated that men who drank fortified milk with additional 500 mg Calcium, 400 IU Vitamin D3, and other vitamins and minerals experienced increase bone mineral density in the wrist and hip bones.

Researchers were quick to reveal the milk had been fortified greater than found in grocery stores, and commercial milk is fortified with synthetic Vitamin D-2 not Natural Vitamin D-3 which was used in the study. This study concludes supplementation is beneficial in men to reduce bone loss. However supplementation in milk creates problems for many individuals. Some people are allergic to milk, others do not want the additional calories, or the additional work of mixing the supplement into the milk.

The message is clear that supplementation in both men and women yields significant benefits in promoting long term bone health. Supplementation is not limited to Calcium and Vitamin D-3 but also must include other vitamins and minerals as important cofactors to bone mineralization.

Vita Logic Osteo Protect and Osteo Protect Plus contain several sources of calcium, magnesium and other critical cofactors necessary for promoting good bone health. Clinical studies have demonstrated their ability to reverse Osteopenia (loss of bone mass) and Osteoporosis (holes in the bone). Vita Logic Osteo Protect and Osteo Protect Plus contains additional nutrients including Vitamin K-2 to assist in preventing calcium deposits in the soft tissues and arteries; this is for men and women over 50 as well as for cases of advanced bone or dental disease.