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Whole Body Cleanse Kit - Tbas & Ultracaps

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  • Regular Price: $29.95
  • Sale Price: $17.97
  • Availablity: Usually Ships 24-48 hours
  • Package Desc.: Tbas & Ultracaps
  • Num. Servings: 35
  • Serving Size: See Recommendations

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Whole Body Cleanse *

Safe, natural, and effective 2-week internal cleanse *
Discount Priced - 40% OFF - Whole Body Cleance


  • Whole Body Cleanse simple 2-week Program
  • Whole Body Cleanse no Harsh Stimulant Laxatives
  • Whole Body Cleanse supports detoxification for whole body including intestines, liver, gall bladder, circulatory, lymphatic systems *

Key Features

  • Whole Body Cleanse everything you need to cleanse in convenient kit - including fiber!
  • Whole Body Cleanse a gentle, non-stimulant laxative with soothing herbal blend to promote healthy, comfortable bowel cleansing
  • Whole Body Cleanse milk thistle to help eliminate toxins, support liver function

Whole Body Cleanse is simple, 2-week program, safe, effective system to rid your body of toxins. Toxins come from many sources, everyday-from the foods we eat to air we breathe. Whole Body Cleanse kit helps you achieve healthy, comfortable internal cleansing and thorough detoxification-without depleting beneficial nutrients your body needs. Whole Body Cleanse kit contains fiber, gentle laxative formula, milk thistle for liver support. *

Whole Body Cleanse recommendations -

Whole Body Cleanse Laxative Formula:
Day 1 through 7: three tablets at bedtime with 8 ounces of water
Day 8 through 14: two tablets at bedtime with 8 ounces of water.

Reduce dosage if you experience abdominal discomfort or diarrhea. If discomfort persists, discontinue use.

Fiber Fusion ™:
For 14 days, take four UltraCaps ™ in the morning and four at night with eight ounces of water. Or, may be taken as eight UltraCaps at night with eight ounces of water.

Super Milk Thistle ®:
Day 1 through day 7: One UltraCap at night.
Day 8 through day 14: One UltraCap in the morning and two at night.

Whole Body Cleanse

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